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TLF Library implementation in R

Development tasks


devtools::dev_mode function switches your version of R into “development mode”. This is useful to avoid clobbering the existing versions of CRAN packages that you need for other tasks. Calling dev_mode() again will turn development mode off, and return you to your default library setup.

# This will install the package in the folder C:/Rpackages

Reload the package


or Ctrl + Shift + L

Add or update script files

.R files defined in tests\dev\ will be removed from the package and can be used to simulate interaction with the package. See scripts.R

Code of conduct

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We encourage contribution to the Open Systems Pharmacology community. Before getting started please read the contribution guidelines. If you are contributing code, please be familiar with the coding standards.


TLF Library is released under the GPLv2 License.

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