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ospsuite 11.0.123

New features

  • Adds new DataCombined class that combines observed data (DataSet) and simulated data (SimulationResults) into a single object. Especially important is the $toDataFrame() method of this object that returns a data frame containing combined data from observed and simulated data, which can be further used for visualizations or other analysis.

  • Adds new visualization functions:

  • Adds a new class DefaultPlotConfiguration to provide plot configurations for plotting functions.

  • Adds simulationResultsToDataFrame() function to convert SimulationResults objects into a data frame.

  • All *ToDataFrame() functions also get *ToTibble() variants to extract a tibble data frame instead of a classical data frame.

Major Changes

Breaking changes

  • Signature for toUnit function has changed. molWeight is now the fifth, while sourceUnit is the fourth parameter (#837).

  • DataImporterConfiguration: fields timeUnitFromColumn and measurementUnitFromColumn are renamed to isTimeUnitFromColumn and isMeasurementUnitFromColumn

  • The constructor for DataImporterConfiguration does not accept a path to a configuration file any more. Use the function loadDataImporterConfiguration() to create a configuration object from a file.

  • The constructor for DataSet objects requires a name argument.

  • All validate*() helper functions and "%||%" infix operators are no longer exported. Please have a look at the new utility package, from which these functions are now exported:

  • The pkAnalysesAsDataFrame() function changes column data types for QuantityPath, Parameter, and Unit from factor to character (

ospsuite 9.0

  • Version compatible with the OSPSuite V9.
  • Initial Release