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Run simulation batches


  simulationRunOptions = NULL,
  silentMode = FALSE



List of SimulationBatch objects with added parameter and initial values


Optional instance of a SimulationRunOptions used during the simulation run.


If TRUE, no warnings are displayed if a simulation fails. Default is FALSE.


Nested list of SimulationResults objects. The first level of the list are the IDs of the simulations of SimulationBatches, containing a list of SimulationResults for each set of parameter/initial values. If a simulation with a parameter/initial values set fails, the result for this run is NULL


Runs a set of simulation batches. The simulation batches must be populated with sets of parameter and start values with SimulationBatch$addRunValues() prior to running. After the run, the list of parameter and start values is cleared.


if (FALSE) {
sim1 <- loadSimulation("sim1", loadFromCache = TRUE)
sim2 <- loadSimulation("sim2", loadFromCache = TRUE)
parameters <- c("Organism|Liver|Volume", "R1|k1")
molecules <- "Organism|Liver|A"
# Create two simulation batches.
simulationBatch1 <- createSimulationBatch(
  simulation = sim1,
  parametersOrPaths = parameters,
  moleculesOrPaths = molecules
simulationBatch2 <- createSimulationBatch(
  simulation = sim2,
  parametersOrPaths = parameters,
  moleculesOrPaths = molecules
# Ids of run values
ids <- c()
ids[[1]] <- simulationBatch1$addRunValues(parameterValues = c(1, 2), initialValues = 1)
ids[[2]] <- simulationBatch1$addRunValues(parameterValues = c(1.6, 2.4), initialValues = 3)
ids[[3]] <- simulationBatch2$addRunValues(parameterValues = c(4, 2), initialValues = 4)
ids[[4]] <- simulationBatch2$addRunValues(parameterValues = c(2.6, 4.4), initialValues = 5)
res <- runSimulationBatches(simulationBatches = list(simulationBatch1, simulationBatch2))