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Set molecule start values


setMoleculeInitialValues(molecules, values, units = NULL)



A single or a list of Molecule


A numeric value that should be assigned to the molecule start value or a vector of numeric values, if the start value of more than one molecule should be changed. Must have the same length as molecules


A string or a list of strings defining the units of the values. If NULL (default), values are assumed to be in base units. If not NULL, must have the same length as quantities.

See also

getMolecule() and getAllMoleculesMatching() to retrieve objects of type Molecule


simPath <- system.file("extdata", "simple.pkml", package = "ospsuite")
sim <- loadSimulation(simPath)
molecule <- getMolecule("Organism|Liver|A", sim)
setMoleculeInitialValues(molecule, 1)
molecules <- getAllMoleculesMatching("Organism|**|A", sim)
setMoleculeInitialValues(molecules, c(2, 3), units = c("pmol", "mmol"))