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Given a simulation file path or an instance of a simulation, traverses the simulation structure and returns a tree like structure allowing for intuitive navigation in the simulation tree


getSimulationTree(simulationOrFilePath, quantityType = "Quantity")



Full path of the simulation to load or instance of a simulation


A vector of strings that specify the types of the entities to be included in the tree. The types can be any combination of "Quantity", "Molecule", "Parameter" and "Observer"


A list with a branched structure representing the path tree of entities in the simulation file that fall under the types specified in quantityType. At the end of each branch is a string called 'path' that is the path of the quantity represented by the branch.


simPath <- system.file("extdata", "simple.pkml", package = "ospsuite")
sim <- loadSimulation(simPath)

tree <- getSimulationTree(sim)

liver_volume_path <- tree$Organism$Liver$Volume$path