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Tries to find the installation path for a specific version of PK-Sim via the filesystem. Searching is done in the following order:

  1. Search via filesystem in a guessed installation folder from the

  2. Search via filesystem for PKSim.exe recursively from the defined (fallback)


  pksim.version, = Sys.getenv("ProgramW6432")



The version number of Pk-Sim as a string.

The base folder for filesystem-lookup fallback (default: 64-bit program folder)


The path to the PK-Sim installation for version pksim.version or NA if no path could be found. The path is separated with slashes (unix-style) and in compliance with base-R without a trailing slash. If more than one matching path is found a warning is produced.


if (FALSE) {
path <- .getPathToPKSimInstallDirFromFileSystem("7.4")
path2 <- .getPathToPKSimInstallDirFromFileSystem("7.5", "C:/MyOSPFolder/")